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Bioequivalency/Bioavailability Studies

We have a team of professionals highly experienced in setting up, executing and conducting Bioequivalency and Bioavailability drug testing. Our team has performed several bio equivalence clinical trials for a variety of industry-leading pharmaceutical companies. Our facility is located within 5 miles of two major universities in Utah County. Combined with Aspen’s experienced team and strategic location we have the ability to set up, enroll, execute, and conduct these types of studies. Our services include the following:

  • Protocol development
  • Participant recruitment
  • Study execution and conduct
  • Quality assurance
  • QT & QTc studies
  • Continuous telemetry
  • Pharmacokinetic and Pharmacodynamic studies

Patient Recruitment

Critical timelines are our specialty.  Rapid response by your Central IRB combined with our network of community, clinic database of 125,000 patients and social media, provides our recruitment department the ability to meet or exceed our projected enrollment goals timely and effectively.

Strategic Alliances

We have strategic alliances with community health care clinics, private practice providers, and other healthcare networks to allow access to a large variety of potential subjects with a multitude of clinical indications and conditions.  We also have coordinated and provided subject transportation and access to special populations bases, i.e. hospice patients, diabetic patients, patients that recently received various surgery/procedures, patients whom have or do reside in the LTC facilities, etc.

Our diversified approach works at our competitive advantage to provide the community with leading Phase I-IV research to help prevent, diagnose and treat diseases.  We are proud to have successfully helped our clinical partners expedite many pharmaceutical product and devices through the development process safely and efficiently.   

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Our practice employs highly educated and experienced medical and research professionals to ensure that our clients have access to the best care possible.