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What to Expect / Case Management

New to Aspen? Here's what to expect!

  1. In our initial or second opinion, we focus on establishing a baseline to address any potential injury or neurological disorder related specifically to the accident.
  2. After our evaluation, our providers will address any of the symptoms by ordering diagnostics.
  3. Once diagnostics are reviewed by our medical team, we will create a treatment program based off the diagnostics and help quarterback patient care.
  4. If the patient is already working with another provider, we will work with their referring provider and communicate our 2nd opinion, and work with them on patients’ rehabilitation if needed.

Case Management:

We will keep the referring source and their attorney in the loop. Our goal is to work with our patients’ legal advisors, and their medical support team to ensure great outcomes for the patients’ health and support for their case.

Our team understands auto insurance and policy limits. We will ensure patients are being treated within their respective limits.

We provide updates on current costs and estimated costs to responsible parties. Our bilingual staff is also able to communicate in both English and Spanish.

To reach a member of the Case Management team, email or call at 801-356-5565.

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