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Balance Training after TBI

Balance is the ability to keep your body centered over your feet. The ability to maintain your balance is determined by many factors, including your physical strength and coordination, your senses, and your cognitive (thinking) ability. Most people can control their body movement within certain limits before losing their balance and needing to adjust their posture or take a step to keep from falling. Adjusting your posture or taking a step to maintain your balance before, during, and after movement is a complex process that is often affected after brain injury.

People with traumatic brain injury (TBI) commonly report problems with balance. Between 30% and 65% of people with TBI suffer from dizziness and disequilibrium (lack of balance while sitting or standing) at some point in their recovery. Dizziness includes symptoms such as lightheadedness, vertigo (the sensation that you or your surroundings are moving), and imbalance. How bad your balance problem is depending on many factors such as: How serious your brain injury is; where in your brain you were injured; other injuries you had along with your brain injury. For example, in a motor vehicle crash, you could suffer a TBI, cervical spine injury, and rib and leg fractures. All of these injuries will affect your ability to maintain your balance.

When a concussion occurs the brainstem or leakage of the inner ear fluid may be the underly cause of balance problems. The brain stem controls movement such as walking and balance in conjunction with the inner ear problems.

We at Aspen health and wellness have a proprietary comprehensive treatment plan for balance problems by combining balance exercises and alpha Cranial Electrical Stimulation to help strengthen the muscles as well as heal the brain quicker after a concussion. This combined treatment as shown to be very helpful and get MVA victims back to work more quickly treating the patient individually with these therapies.

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