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Neuroplasticity Training

For many decades, it was thought that the brain was a “nonrenewable organ,” that brain cells are bestowed in a finite amount and they slowly die as we age, whether we attempt to keep them around or not. Decades of research has found that even though certain cells in various regions of the brain may die, the brain continues to regenerate new cells and can even optimize these cells in efficient patters to function like a supercomputer in finding additional pathways to re-connect and redirect neural impulses to enhance the neural network.  This process is called “Neuroplasticity”; otherwise put, the brain’s ability to adapt and optimize.

After the brain has suffered a Traumatic Injury through impact or illness, this disruption alters normal function and neural processing. With correctly prescribed and applied treatment, the brain can regenerate and restore impaired function, this process is referred to as neuroplasticity training. New or existing cells can be trained to create new and improved neural pathway systems that can be used to help patients re-train their brain.  All of these systems are based on the same principles of learning or re-learning these brain function processes to develop new pathways or recall networks once previously learned and functional.

At Aspen Medical Group, we utilize our proprietary Neuroplastic rehabilitation treatment utilizing evidenced based research in addressing the major dysfunctions and impairments associated with Traumatic Brain Injuries. Our treatment assists our patients to more rapidly improve cognitive function, balance, mood, energy, focus and other negative symptoms involving their brain after sustaining an injury, or after being diagnosed with a debilitating central nervous system illness involving failures in brain functioning.

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